Asao Kawahara
Asao Kawahara
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아사오 카와하라(Asao Kawahara)는 일본에서 태어나 이탈리아에서 활동 중인 작가이다.  작가의 작품은 알 수 없는 공간에 존재하는 요소들로 이루어져 있다.
이 공간은 시간의 이 느껴지지 않는 외딴 우주이지만, 작가가 창조한 신비로운 세계를 경험할 수 있다.

Kawahara Asao was born July 11th 1949 in Mejiro, Tokyo.
He is a painter, who continues to paint a deep world, that projects the depth of tranquility.
Clear, mysterious and a place that could be the beginning of something. There is no sense of life or time, an enigmatic world is born, that exists in it’s own universe.

He is a painter, who is one step apart from the category of contemporary art. The image floats without connection to the world around it in a tightly drawn space without gaps. This sense of severance is Kawahara Asao’s world.

Kawahara, who left Japan in his 20s and now lives in Italy, says that like Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carrà a clear, mysterious place that could be the beginning of something is a feeling that fits him well. There is no sense of life or time and through mystery an enigmatic world is born. It exists in it’s own secluded universe.


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1994 미츠코시 백화점(긴자)

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